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FUDGE Deryni Rules

Table of Contents for FUDGE Deryni

i. FUDGE Disclaimer and Copyright Notice:
This is necessary with all FUDGE materials.

  1. Character Creation Introduction and Glossary
  2. Steps to Building Your Character
    1. Attributes
      1. Rank and Social Standing
    2. Notes on Playing a Deryni Character
    3. Gifts
    4. Faults
    5. Skills
    6. Raising of Skills is covered in the Character Development section.
  3. The Magic of the Deryni
    1. Duel Arcanes
  4. Action Resolution
    1. Fatigue Points Note: Still in revision and subject to change.
  5. FUDGE Points And Item Experience Points
  6. Combat, Wounds, and Healing
    1. Before Combat
    2. During Combat
    3. Damage and Wounds
    4. Tournaments and Jousting: These are special rules to deal with the contests of arms that knights will often partake in. These have been developed so that such contests will be more interesting for the players, and not simply a series of dice rolls.
    5. Dueling: When a joust goes to swords or any situation of two combatants fighting an important fight. Not to be used in general melee. NOTE: These rules are currently in playtest, and are not to be considered complete.
  7. Character Development
    1. Experience Points
    2. Raising Skills and Attributes
    3. Character Aging