5.1 -- Experience

I think we all know why games use Experience Points, and why you want to get them. (If you don't, EPs are the means by which you improve your character's Skills and Attributes.).

Another reward you get is in FUDGE Points, and these are granted the same time as Experience Points. See the section on FUDGE Points for more information on how they are used.

Getting Experience Points

For every session a character is played, she will recieve 1 Exp. and 1 FP. These are gained no matter if the character performed any actions, as long as they at least were roleplayed in some situation. The amount of time during the session (in or out of game) is irrelevant to the amount of this award.

The first use of a Skill each session earns one "tick" towards that Skill. Three ticks equals one Exp. point for that Skill.

Practicing a Skill involves that character putting "off-time" towards using that Skill. For your character to actually practice, notify the GM of her intent to do so, and the GM will then judge whether or not the time spent is sufficent to warrent the attempt. Generally, this is used for situations such as a knight spending his afternoons at sword practice. Practice earns one "tick" towards the Skill or Attribute being honed in this manner, and once again three ticks equals an Exp. Point towards the Skill or Attribute.

Rolling a +4 or a -4 shows a highly unusual success or failure, unusual enough that you get 1 Exp. Point towards that Skill for your insight on what you did really right or really wrong.

On the Nature Of Being on Time:
Being on time is very important. In order to get in a full session, we need to start on time. Even starting without the offending person is not a solution, because the game must still halt when they arrive as they get settled and get the recap of what they missed.

In order to encourage promptness, I have tried various methods for either rewarding those on time or punishing those who are late. Only one method has worked with near complete success and that is the official rule for now:

Any player who is late must
wait until the next session in
which they are on time in
order to collect their experience points.

A player who is late does not lose the EP/FP from before--he just has no access to it until he can be on time. All EP/FP thus lumped together in this manner count as ONE award for spending purposes.

Also, I may suspend this punishment if there are extenuating circumstances (like work, rain, etc), although those excuses won't work if you are late an frequently.