4.3: Damage and Wounds

Calculating Damage Value

Damage and Armor

Damage to Wound Table

          Damage      Wound Level
          1 or Less:  Scratch
          2:          Hurt
          3:          Very Hurt
          4-5:        Critical
          6 or More:  Mortal (Special)

Death Test (DT)

A Death Test must be made each time a wound is taken (once per wound, if there are more than one). The DT represents many things -- severity of wound, sudden shock, a minor wound possibly hitting something critical, etc. A DT is made by rolling against your Damage Capacity to meet or beat the DL of the wound.

Wounds Type   DAM roll needed
Scratch       None -- Automatic Success
Hurt          Mediocre
Very Hurt     Good
Critical      Superb
You may spend 1 FP to automatically succeed this roll. If you choose to roll and do not like your result, you may spend 2 afterwards to succeed. (It is 2 FPs regardless of the result of the roll).

Consciousness Test

A CT represents blood loss and shock, and the effects thereof on your wounded character. Each wound you take adds to the stress upon your body, and makes it harder to stay conscious. Wounds affect the CT even if they've been treated and bound. CTs are rolled off of your Stamina at the end of every round if you have untreated wounds.

    CT Difficulty Levels per number of Wound Points
  1. Terrible
  2. Poor
  3. Mediocre
  4. Fair
  5. Good
  6. Great
  7. Superb
  8. Legendary

Further Notes

How to Recover From Wounds

Healing Naturally (without aid)
Untreated wounds heal at a rate of a day per Scratch, a few days per Hurt, a week per Very Hurt, a couple of weeks per Incapacitated, and a month per Near Death.

Treating Wounds
Any attempt at treating a Scratch erases it, unless a critical failure is rolled. A successful First Aid roll will heal a Hurt or Very Hurt by one level (resulting Scratches go away with a night's rest). Battle Surgery can be used on a level of wound, but is required for healing a Incapacitating or Near Death wound. First Aid will only stop the bleeding from the latter two, not heal them.

Wounds that had been tended to heal much faster than if they had been left alone--they heal a level/day if continued care is taken, and a few days per level if no further action is taken to care for the wounds.

Healing Wounds with Deryni Magic
A Healer may attempt to Heal any wound, and success heals the wound one level.

Notes on Healing
Each wound is treated separately. A Near Death wound will bleed to death in a short while, and Incapacitating wounds may also do so, only at a much slower pace. All modifiers from damage are in play until the wounds are healed.