3.2 -- FUDGE Points

FUDGE points may be used whenever a character performs an action. They allow a wider range of possibilities and are meant to help a character be a little more heroic than that dice might otherwise let him. Note: In most cases, the FUDGE points must be spent before the die roll, but in some cases you may spend them after the roll, at double the cost. The GM may disallow any use of FUDGE points. In combat, the maximum FUDGE points that may be spent per round is 2, excepting any spent to pass CT or DTs.

Also, any time you would make an Unopposed roll, you may choose to either spend the Fudge Points to get the roll you want, or you may add to the roll. However, if you choose to roll and then either roll bad or good enough that the Fudge Points don't make a difference, they are still spent.

SPECIAL NOTE: You may have no more than 14 FUDGE Points for your character at any time. Any above this number are lost. They may be converted to Item Experience Points at any time, however.

See Section 5.1 -- Experience for information on how to gain FUDGE points.

Item Experience Points

FUDGE points can be used for many things, but often a PC ends up with quite a store of them. Item Experience Points are yet another way the player may use FUDGE points to aid her character. At any time, you may turn 5 FUDGE points into 1 IEP (Item Experience Point). These may be spent along the following guidelines. These are not the only options for IEP, so feel free to pose other ideas for the use of IEPs.

Using IEPs does not negate the time or money that would be involved in gaining the desired attribute (such as the training required to teach a horse a trick), nor does it negate the Skills needed to effect these changes.

You may have any number of IEPs on your character sheet that are not used, but remember that you may not trade them back in for FUDGE Points.