1.2.1 -- Attributes in FUDGE Deryni

Attributes represent several things in the game system. First of all, they are a descriptor of the basic makeup of a character. They are used when no particular skill applies (Frex, there is no Arm Wrestling Skill, therefore an arm wrestling contest would be off of Strength). They are also used as a guideline as to the character's abilities. Pick Attribute ratings that make sense, rating them along the scale of Terrible to Superb.

Attributes and Skills are not linked mechanically in Fudge Dseryni. There are many reasons for that, which I will not get into here. But while they aren't linked, Skill choice should reflect the inherent ability shown by the Attributes (assuming there isn't a good story/background reason otherwise). Each Attribute does have its uses in game, so don't assume that you can lower one just because it won't be used. A character always feels his deficencies in my games.

Also note there is not an Attribute concerning Intelligence or IQ or Reasoning, or any other variation thereof. Once again, there are many reasons for this. If you wish to play a character smarter than you are, then give him more Knowledge Skills. Skill Rolls are used for knowledge the character knows but the player does not.