1.2 -- Steps to Building Your Character

FUDGE Deryni Character Creation is based off the Five-Point Fudge style. This allows for quick determination of the mechanics behind a character, with the majority of the work going into the first and most important step, the Character Background.

  1. Character Background

    The first step in creating a character for FUDGE Deryni is to write up a detailed background for the character you want to play. This is required before you start building the character, especially if you wish to bend or break any of the normal rules for character creation. Not all of the details need to be determined, but the following items are important: Once you have the background approved by your GM, you may move onto the next steps.

  2. Deryni Blood

    If your character is not Deryni at all, then skip this section.

    If your character has some Deryni blood, then you need to figure out which category the bloodline falls into. See Notes on Deryni Characters for detailed information on how to figure out the Power Attribute, starting Deryni skills, and other important rules.

    How strong the Deryni Blood is determines your Power Attribute, and may require the purchase of a Gift for Full Deryni, if that is what your character concept requires. Keep in mind any effects the choices of the Deryni traits may have for the rest of the steps.

    Determine your Power Attribute based on the rules in the Notes on Deryni Characters. You may adjust Power afterwards in Step Q, but Power has special rules that affect how it is changed.

    Finish any adjustments to Power, and note any Gifts that you must buy. Also note the starting Deryni skills and their levels.

  3. Character Points and Skills

    Starting Character Points:

    Your character starts with 5 Character Points. That number is modified by the following: