1.0 -- Character Creation

Characters may be of any type seen in the Deryni novels (although it is assumed that you are a "good guy"). Thus, you may be a Deryni, a priest, a Healer, a knight, or any combination or addition that makes sense given the setting. Please put some thought into what you think would be a good and challenging character to play, but also think about what would make a good character in a group-based environment that may have any number of character types. In other words, while you might have a lot of fun playing a Deryni-hating fanatical priest, it might not be the best choice for a player character unless you assume (and work towards) your character will change his attitude once he knows real Deryni.

Another thing to keep in mind regarding your character is that the Church is a big part of his or her life. The Church had a considerable amount of power, and in the books the characters worried about the effects on their souls whenever they treaded into unethical territory. The Church, at various times and with various members, played the good side and the bad during the novels. If your character doesn't follow the tenets of the Church, this must be noted and explained why, as to whether or not he lets others know.

Background is a very important part of the character creation process for this campaign, especially if you want a character that has some of the more rare abilities or really high connections. Much has been lost in the last two hundred years of this world in the area of Deryni arts, and things like Healers and Blockers were rare even back in the Deryni heyday. I'm not explicitly prohibiting anything that has appeared in the books and that fits the world view, but I'm not allowing anything just for the sake of having it. FUDGE is a very subjective system, and it's hard to cover all contingencies and make everything balance. I look to the players to enrich the campaign with thought out character choices that are original and varied, but I also want characters that are created to work together in a group, and to not attempt to break the system. Keep in mind that diversification of skills is a good idea. A combat heavy character may win every fight he's in, but combat isn't going to be a focus of the campaign. What's that knight to do when he's in a noble's court, trying for favor? A Deryni can't use his powers all of the time, so if that's all he can do he'll be at a severe disadvantage.

1.1 -- Character Creation Terms and General Glossary