What's New on the GURPS Page

Changes to my GURPS Site

12 Aug 2004
"Endowments Magic from The Runelords" and Japanese and Tékumel characters were added from Uncle Enzo's #14 and #15.
17 Sep 2001
Uncle Enzo's Cosa Nostra Pizza #14 and #15 were added.
19 Mar 2001
The GURPS Articles page was converted over to use Blink.com links.
29 Oct 2000
The GURPS Campaign Generator 2.0 has been implemented. The campaigns are now stored in a flat-file database, not on the display page. Also, the look-and-feel is much improved, and search capabilities implemented. Many thanks to Extropia for their fabulous WebWare scripts.
10 Oct 2000
The background of the GURPS pages was changed to make printing easier. The GURPS logos were changed to the standard logo from the SJG site. It looks better on a light background.
03 Jul 1999
A new issue of Uncle Enzo's is up (#13), and the GURPS Witchcraft conversion and a map of Lorimyr from it.
21 Jun 1999
The GURPS Campaign Generator has been expanded to include the latest releases of GURPS books.
20 Nov 1999
Two new issues of Uncle Enzo's are up (#11-12), and the characters from it.
15 May 1999
Another new issue of Uncle Enzo's is up (#10), and the characters from it.
14 May 1999
Rearranged GURPS main page again. Now it's more clear what's mine and what's elsewhere on the net. A new issue of Uncle Enzo's is up (#9), and the content has been added to other areas: a new character and GURPS Illuminati campaign material. More coming soon.
1 Apr 1999
Rearranged GURPS main page. New GURPS articles, campaigns, links, and conversions .
30 Nov 1998
Added auctions link from GURPS main page (and roleplaying page). New GURPS articles and conversions .
18 Nov 1998
Reorganized the main GURPS page, added the GURPS Campaign Generator, new GURPS articles, campaigns and conversions .
03 Nov 1998
New general RPG links, GURPS articles, campaigns and conversions.
16 Sep 1998
Lots of new material: Uncle Enzo's Cosa Nostra Pizza #8, new articles and worlds pages, reformated main page, more Lorimyr and magic material.
12 Sep 1998
Extra GURPS links, plus a new All of the Above member web page.
02 Jul 1998
Yet Again, More Expanded GURPS Links and Conversions pages.
30 Jun 1998
Expanded GURPS Links and Conversions pages.
17 Apr 1998
Added tons of GURPS links, more game conversions.
09 Jan 1998
Added GURPS links page, greatly expanded game conversions.
02 Jan 1998
Added all the issues of Uncle Enzo's Cosa Nostra Pizza, through #7, due to be published in February.
23 Dec 1997
Major overhaul of format. Lots of additional material: Lorimyr campaign, Alternate Earths, Magic, etc.