Chinese Finger Puzzle

A GURPS Illuminati Campaign

This is my modern Illuminati campaign. It is set in Minneapolis, MN, which is, of course, my hometown. You would think that the Illuminated Masters would have better things to do in more 'important' places, but the utter normality of the Midwest presents them with a singular challenge. By the way, the campaign title has nothing to do with the contents of the campaign, something I snagged from CORPS 1st edition, BTRC's game of conspiracy.

I'm using GURPS Illuminati , Voodoo, Psionics, Magic, Illuminati: New World Order, Pandemonium , CORPS, and anything else I need to get the job done.

My players hadn't yet realized that they are not in the Minneapolis they know and love. They think this is simply a modern investigation campaign.

Cast of Characters


Sushi in Chartreuse, an adventure for GURPS Illuminati.

The headlines of an issue of the Midnight Sun, a ficticious tabloid.