Harold "Rusty" Hughes
The Wicce (temporarily Solitary)
College student 
Character Points 
Spent: 80  Unspent:
Channeling Level 
Primary Attributes
Strength: Intelligence:
Dexterity: Perception:
Constitution: Willpower:
Secondary Attributes
Life Points: 30 
Endurance Points: 29 
Speed: 12 
Essence Pool: 37 
Quality Level Points
Acute Senses 
Fast Reaction Time 
Situational Awareness 
Drawback  Level  Points 
Addiction (smoking)  -1 
Clown  -1 
Honorable  -1 
Recurring Nightmares    -1 
Below Ave. Resources    -1 
Bad Luck  -3 
Status: lower-middle class  -2  -2 
Skill  Level  Points 
Computer Programming (web) 
Driving (car) 
First Aid 
Guns (rifle) 
Survival (forest) 
Humanities (history) 
Humanities (Wiccan Theology) 
Myth and Legend (British Isles) 
Occult Knowledge 
Rituals (Wiccan) 
Power  Level  Points 
The Gift 
Essence Channeling 
Increase Essence Pool  20 
Invocation: Insight 
Invocation: Blessing 
Invocation: Shielding 
Mindhands Strength 
Mindfire Art 


5'10", 165 lbs., red hair, green eyes, wiry build, attractive, quick to smile or crack a joke.


Rusty is a Gifted who was raised in a mundane household in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. His father is a biochemist and his mother is a high school history teacher. He was surrounded by the preeminence of rational, scientific thought and the richness of history. He has two sisters, one older and one younger. Through his childhood and early teens, Rusty was a Cub Scout and then Boy Scout. He liked camping, swimming, and the other activities in his Boy Scout troop. He learned first aid and how to shoot a rifle and pistol for merit badges. His family took many vacations, often to locations of historical or scientific interest. Rusty was pretty happy until puberty. He began having recurring nightmares. Many of his nightmares revolved around a future where mankind is hunted openly by horrific inhuman entities. At about the same time, his Mindhands talent emerged. He suddenly realized that his world was not as he had been taught and it sent him searching for answers. He found some answers at a local occult bookstore. There he found books about parapsychology, the occult, and paganism. He was already a voracious reader, so he cruised through the classic books on each of those topics. Then he noticed a bulletin board posting for a public pagan ritual at Halloween. He went to it, telling his parents that friends were having a party. He enjoyed being in the company of those who at least believed that powers of the mind existed, even though all he met were mundanes. He kept his abilities to himself. He also discovered girls at these events, and they seemed eager to flirt with him and more. When he was seventeen, after a year of hanging out in the local pagan community, he found his first Gifted. Or, more accurately, she found him. The priestess of a Wicce coven saw him at a public ritual and immediately recognized his potential. At the feasting afterward, she approached him and struck up a conversation. After gauging his interest and receptiveness with her Mindsight, she Mindtalked to him, saying, "Have you ever met someone else who was Gifted?" He dropped his plastic cup of juice and gaped at her. After he wiped up the floor to cover his shock and excitement, she invited him to attend her coven to see if he liked it. He eagerly accepted the invitation. When Rusty was comfortable with his coven mates, he told them of his nightmares. They, in turn, told him of the Reckoning, and how his dreams fit in to it. Three months later, he was formally initiated into the coven. When the time for college came, Rusty stayed in the Twin Cities area to stay close to his coven, attending the University of Minnesota, and majoring in Medieval History. He picked up some web programming skills while putting together a medieval history website. For extra money, he has designed several other websites. Now a Junior, he has left Minneapolis for a year of foreign study at the University of St. Andrews in the Medieval History department. He'd be open to finding a coven in Scotland, but has no connections. He keeps in email contact with his friends, family and coven back home.