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Welcome to Tékumel, a land of magic and intrigue. And welcome to my site: since 1991 (yes, before the web), the oldest Tékumel resource on the net.

This page is devoted to Tékumel, the fantasy world created by Professor M.A.R. Barker.

I'm transferring my Tekumel content over to my blog, The Eye of Joyful Sitting Amongst Friends.
Some of the links below have already been moved. Join me in the conversation.

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Publishing History Tékumel FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions
Tékumel History Maps of Tékumel
Non-Human Races Timeline
The Five Empires
PCs for Tekumel: Empire of the Petal Throne,
Gardásiyal, S&G, and GURPS
GURPS Tékumel
My GURPS rules for Tékumel
TFT Tékumel
My TFT rules for Tékumel

EPT to T:EPT Conversion

Other Rules
The Splendid Disc of Advancing to Glory
Tékumel-related Links
Imperial Dispatches
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