Tékumel Races for TFT

Created by Justin Grabowski <grabowski@SPAMMENOT.erols.com>.


Flying, intelligent, skittish creatures with leathery wings and gray fur. They have two legs and two arms and a tail fitted with a poisoned rapier-like tail.

Hlaka start with ST 8 DX 8 IQ 8 with eight extra points. They have an MA of 10 on the ground and 24 in the air. Their fur stops one hit and they will not wear armor heavier than 13 kg., as this would interfere with their flying. The Hlaka can either attack with its favored weapons (sword, javelin, or crossbow) or with its poisoned tail in a round or both at -4 DX. The tail has the ability to attack adjacent victims or jab like a spear from two hexes away. The tail does 1+1 damage and if this penetrates a victims armor they will receive another die of poison damage from this hit.

Because of the Hlaka's skittishness, there tactics are to fight from a distance and height rather be adjacent to an attacker. If damage passes the Hlaka's armor there is a 1/3 chance it will try to flee the battle. This last rule is not related to Hlaka PC's though.


Rubbery, small (approx. 4'),four-legged creatures with skull-like heads and wide mouths filled with fangs. Thsi swamp species hates humans and non-humans indiscriminately and will attack without a reaction roll. Hlutrgu start with ST 6, DX 10, IQ 8 and 6 extra points. They have a MA of 10 without armor, which they can wear up to leather. The Hlutrgu's hide stops one hit naturally There MA or DX is not affected by swampy ground; whereas for others it would act as broken ground. Hlutrgu are also natural swimmers.

Its fangs and general worminess help it do +2 damage in HTH combat. Hlutrgu are very adept at thrown weapons and receive a +2 DX. They receive a further +1 DX when throwing their favored weapons, javelins or darts. Being particularly nasty, they always have poison coating their weapons (1-4 one die poison and 5-6 a weapon poison). Treat TWO WEAPONS talent as IQ 8, because they use all their limbs in combat. A very nasty foe that has a reputation for torture of captives.


Insectoid or scorpion-like in appearance, Hlyss have four legs with two smaller forearms and a prehensile tail with a stinger. They have a chitinous hide and a row of razor-sharp mandibles.

Hluss start with ST 12 DX 10 IQ 7 and 6 extra attribute points. They have an MA of 12. Their hide stops 4 hits and they will use no armor beyond a shield. They fight with human-type weapons, receive a +1 damage in HTH combat, and have a paralyzing tail stinger. The Hluss can attack with both their weapon and stinger in the same turn at -4 DX. The stinger does 1+1 damage and if the damage penetrates the armor of a victim, the victim must make a 3D vs. ST or be paralyzed by the stinger for 24 hours minus ST, always to be at least an hour. Hluss are two-hex creatures and can bite an enemy for 1+1 damage but they prefer to attack with their hand-held weapon and rarely bite. Hluss will attack men and non-humans with men on sight if the opportunity presents itself.

Pachi Lei

Pear-shaped, doughy-looking jungle beings with four arms and four legs and two large platter-like eyes. The extra limbs come in handy in balancing in the trees of their forest homes. They are relatively friendly to man, who receives a +1 bonus to a reaction roll, unless the man is from Mu'ugalavya, who receives a -1 reaction roll.

Pachi Lei start with ST 8 DX 10 IQ 8 and 6 extra attribute points. They have a MA of ten. They fight with man-type weapons and can wear armor of their own making. Because of their limbs, surroundings, and an almost sixth sense they receive CLIMBING and ALERTNESS talents for free. Their four limbs allows them to buy the TWO WEAPONS talent as if it were IQ 8. Their platter-shaped eyes allow them to have nocturnal vision. This allows the Pachi Lei at night to see in the dark as if it were dusk. It also allows it to see in a dark labyrinth up to two megahexes away without light.

Pe Choi

Seven-foot tall, stick-like, dragon-faced creatures of black chitin. They have six limbs, four stick-like arms and two legs. They almost resemble a seahorse with legs. These are very friendly toward humans, who receive a +1 reaction roll with them when encountered (either way).

Pe Choi characters start with ST 8 DX 8 IQ 8 and 10 extra points. They have an MA of ten. The Pe Choi's chitin stops two hits naturally and they can wear armor of their own manufacture. They use man-type weapons fitted for their hands and because of the Pe Choi's sight (good hand and eye coordination) they do an extra +1 damage with these weapons.

Pe Choi have a natural talent of alertness and acute hearing at no IQ cost. The Pe Choi has a natural ability of limited MAGE SIGHT at no cost in ST. Its limit is the sight only extends out 2 hexes.

Pe Choi have a racial telepathy that allows them to know when one of their species is slain. They become enemies of the slayer thereafter.


Six to eight feet tall, two arms and two legs, gleaming black scales, long beak-like snouts, a crest of slender spines, a powerful tail with a horny mace-like ball and a general dragonlike appearance makes the Shen appear to be a demonic human warrior.

Shen characters start with ST 12 DX 8 IQ 8 and 8 extra attribute points. They have a MA of ten. Their scaled body stops two hits of damage and they can also wear armor made for them. Shen use man-type weapons. Their favored being a sword, a halberd, or any type of bow. The Shen can either attack with its weapon or with its tail to the rear or both at -4 DX. The tail can be swung at one target in any of its three rear hexes and does 1+1 damage. The Shen can also lash with its tail much like a dragon (TFT:ITL p. 53). In HTH combat, the Shen does +2 damage because of its beak and claws.

The Shen is not very friendly to humans, so humans receive a -1 reaction roll when dealing with them.