TFT House Rules: Death and Dying

Death and Dying

People die very easily in TFT. It is difficult to put a lot of effort into a character if you know that he'll die quite easily. Therefore, the following system will be used.

A character who has 0 ST left is unconscious and badly wounded. But the character may survive without assistance. Someone with negative ST left is unconscious and dying, but might survive if helped by a friend.

Someone with 0 ST left, or someone with negative ST assisted by a friend, must roll an 8 or better on 2d in order to survive. The roll is modified as follows:

A roll of 2 always means death. There is no automatic save.

Assisting someone takes 5 uninterrupted minutes.

A person who makes the roll will remain unconscious for several hours. When they do wake up, they will be extremely weak (0 ST) and unable to do most tasks (-5 DX).

A person who makes the roll will take at least 5 weeks to recover totally, even if all ST is restored before then. The -5 DX penalty will drop by 1 every week the person rests, so after 5 weeks the person is considered to be completely recovered.