Tékumel Jobs Table

Job (Required skills) Monthly wage Success Roll Critical Failure


Poor Jobs

Beggar* (none) $30 10 -1i/3d

Farm Laborer * (Agronomy 8+, ST 11+) $5 11 2d/3d SM

Litter Bearer or Porter * (ST 12+, Savoir Faire 10+) $5 PR 1d/3d

Miner * (ST 11+) $5 PR 2d/5d

Street Guide* (Area Knowledge (city) 12+) $45 PR 1d, -1i/3d, -1i

Street Vendor* (Merchant 9+) $45 PR -1i/2d

Unskilled Servant (Status 0-, No Attr below 7) $5 IQ LJ/2d, LJ


Struggling Jobs

Acolyte (Theology 10+, Literacy) L + $10 IQ LJ

Apprentice (Clan, Craft skill 10+) L + $10 PR 1d/2d, LJ

Artist* (Artist or Sculpting 12+) Skill x $4 PR -1i/-2i

Bazaar Wizard* (IQ+Magery 12+, 7 marketable spells) Total in spells x $1 IQ+Magery-2 -2i/2d

Bodyguard/Caravan Guard* (any combat skill 12+) $40 PR 2d/4d LJ

Clerk or Scribe (Literacy, Administration or Calligraphy 10+) $40 PR -1i/LJ

Entertainer* (Bard, Singing, Musical Instrument, Performance 13+) PR x $4 PR 2d

Gambler* (Gambling 10+, Fast Talk 10+) Gambling x $8 Worst PR -2i/3d -1i

Hirilákte Gladiator* (2 weapon skills 13+) PR x $4 Worst PR-1 3d -1i/6d -2i

Hunter* (Survival 11+, Tracking 11+) PR x $4 PR 2d/3d, 1i

Militia / Sákbe Road Guard (3 combat skills, level totaling 40+) $60 PR 1d/3d

Prostitute* (Attractive or better, Sex Appeal 10+) Sex Appeal+App x $4 PR -1i/2d -2i

Seaman (Seamanship 11+) L + $35 PR -2i 2d/-3i 4d

Soldier (Military Rank 0, legion's primary and secondary weapons at 10+) $40 PR 2d/4d C

Soldier, Elite Heavy legion (as above, plus Status 1+) $60 PR 2d/4d C


Average Jobs

Administrative, Ritual or Scholar Priest# (Religious Rank 1-2, Admin., Theology or Scientific 12+, Literacy) $150 x Rank PR -1i/-2i demoted

Administrator (Administrative Rank 1-2, Literacy, Admin. 12+) $150 x Rank PR -1i/-2i demoted

Courtesan* (Attractive or better, Sex Appeal 12+, Savoir-Faire 12+) Sex Appeal+Appx$10 PR -i/1d -i

Craftsman (Clan, Craft skill 13+) Skill x $10 PR -1i/-2i

Magical Bodyguard* (IQ+Magery 13+, 5 combat spells) Worst PR x $10 PR 2d C/4d C

Ship's Officer* (Seamanship 13+, Leadership 12+) $200 PR -2i/-4i, 3d

Shop Owner (Clan, Merchant skill 12+, $1000 investment) Merchant x Inv/100 PR -i/Lose 2d x $100

Sorcerer* (IQ+Magery 14+, 15 spells, Status 1+) Total Skills x $2 PR 2d/5d

Subaltern (Military Rank 1-2, legion's skills at 12+, Tactics 10+) $150 x Rank PR 2d/4d C


Comfortable Jobs

Administrative, Ritual or Scholar Priest# (Religious Rank 3-4, Administration, Theology or Scientific 13+) $500 x (Rank-2) PR -1i/-2i E

Administrator, mid-level (Admin. Rank 3-4, Admin. and Law 13+) $500 x (Rank-2) Worst PR -1i/-2i E

Courtesan (Beautiful or better, Savoir Faire 14+, Sex Appeal 14+) Sex Appeal+App x $15 Best PR -1i/-3i

Healer (Physician 14+, Diagnosis 14+ or healing spell) $30xPR+Rep PR -1i/Sued for Malpractice

Junior Officer (Rank 3, legion's skills at 14+, Tactics 12+, Leadership 12+) $500 PR 2d/3d C

Master Merchant (Clan , Merchant skill 16+, $5000 investment) Merchant x Inv/100 PR -1i/ Lose 1d x $2000 .

Master Craftsman (Clan, Craft skill 16+, Merchant 12+) Skill x $30 PR -1i/-2i

Ship's Captain (Leadership 14+, Seamanship 14+, Merchant 12+) $30 x PR PR -2i/3d -4i

Wizard* (IQ+Magery 16+, 20 spells, Status 2+) Total spells x $3 IQ+Magery 2d,2i/4d, 4i C


Wealthy Jobs

High-level Administrator (Admin. Rank 5+, Admin. 14+, Law 14+, Politics 14+) $2000 x (Rank-4) Worst PR -1i/-4i E

High Priest# (Religious Rank 5+, Admin., Theology or Scientific skill 14+, Politics 14+) $2000 x (Rank-4) PR -2i/-4i E

Senior Officer (Military Rank 4+, legion's skills at 14+, Leadership 14+, Strategy 14+) $2000 x (Rank-3) PR 3d/5d E


* = freelance job, see the GURPS Basic Set, p. 193.

= slave occupation, see Imperial Rome, p. 40 or the Basic Set, p. 193. Wages are in the form of tips and presents. Slaves have no cost of living, as this is paid by their owners.

# = Administrative priests earn 5% more and scholar priests earn 5% less. Priests of Cohorts should reduce income by another 10%.

Clan = must be a member of the appropriate clan to exercise that profession in the Five Empires. Foreigners without a local clan must restrict themselves to the Foreigners' Quarter and will earn 20% less than the standard income for any job that has 'Clan' as a prerequisite.

C = Make a HT roll or have a limb crippled.

E = The character has made a new enemy in the hierarchy of his profession who is worth a penalty of 1d-1 points against future reaction rolls for promotion.

SM = Sold to the mines.