Divine Intervention

In extreme emergencies, worshippers of the Gods and their Cohorts may call on their deity for aid. The supplicant must ask for what they want, and the deity interprets the statement accordingly. Any use of divine intervention for trivial requests will be instantly punished with divine retribution (see below).

The character spends at least one unused character point (characters can take an immediate Disadvantage, often a Vow, to supply the unused point), takes a second of concentration (interruptions, like being wounded, require the supplicant to start over), and then sends their prayers to their god. A critical success (4 or less) is required to get the deity's attention. This roll is modified by the following factors:

+1 for each additional character point spent,

+1 if the supplicant has Clerical Investment at any level,

+1 if trying to contact a Cohort, for they are slightly easier to contact, though their help may be slightly less powerful.

If the Intervention roll is successful, the character's Spell Energy drops to zero and their physical Fatigue drops to one. The GM then makes a reaction roll for their deity (p. B204-205). At the GM's discretion, modifiers may be added to this roll based on the situation (e.g. sacrifices made by the supplicant of things pleasing to the deity, the supplicant being on a mission of which the deity approves or disapproves). On a Good or better result, the deity deigns to intervene.

Sometimes the deity will intervene directly and spectacularly, but many times the help appears in a totally realistic manner (i.e. reinforcements arrive, the enemy slips on a pile of Chlén dung). On a Very Bad result (or a natural 3 or 4), the deity is annoyed at the supplicant's presumption and blasts him and perhaps those close by with divine retribution. The form of retribution may depend on the nature of the deity; Vimúhla may rain fire on the supplicant's head, whereas Hriháyel might make one impotent for a year.

All character points or items sacrificed are lost regardless of whether the plea for divine help is answered. The Luck advantage cannot be used in these rolls, as deities are beyond that kind of manipulation by fate.