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Tori Amos: Our Dimension's Karla Sommers?

Tori Amos

Many of the followers of the Goddess Karla Sommers believe that She exists (or will exist) in this dimension on our Earth in a physical form. Many believe the Celestial Songstress will allow Herself to be born into our world when times are dark, to present Her message to the masses in a way that many will hear, but only Her most devout disciples will understand.

When one compares the sacred writings of Tweet concerning the Goddess Sommers (in his book Over the Edge) with articles in newspapers and magazines concerning the followers of a certain red-headed pianist, certain conclusions arise:

The music and lyrics of Tori Amos are, without a doubt, the divine revelations of the Goddess Karla Sommers.

Tori Amos is either:

It is also clear that the Cult of Amos will soon crystallize into a coherent religion as Her most devoted followers pierce the veil and see Amos as She really is.

The following comparisons provide proof of the above, or at least provide food for thought. In each comparison presented below, the first reference is from Over the Edge, and the second is from the article "tori adored" by Jeanne Marie Laskas, as published in the July 12, 1996, issue of Entertainment Weekly. Other recent articles concerning Tori could also have been used, but Laskas's article is especially relevant because it focused extensively on the fans of the Fiery Haired Goddess.

"To most people, Karla Sommers is a well-known rock vocalist, but to the Sommerites, She is divine. The Sommerites have developed a religion based on adoration of Sommers and interpretation of Her lyrics. The ill-defined tenets of the faith include value for human life and sensuality, vague mystical strains, and a feel-good philosophy." (Over the Edge, page 164)
"The surreal thing is all part of the appeal, Her fans will tell you. Fans who call themselves Toriphiles on the Internet and who adopt Tori-speak when they talk about the singer they call their Goddess." (Entertainment Weekly, page 30)

"Sometimes believers play covers of the Music, sometimes they recite the lyrics as poetry, and sometimes they give sermons on interpreting the lyrics for daily life. A good time with plenty of alcohol and other drugs. Dancing is common, though Karla Sommers's music isn't much to dance to." (Over the Edge, page 106)
"The phenomenon goes well beyond a bunch of young people rushing out to buy Tori tour merchandise like crosses bearing Amos's name and the quixotic inscription 'We both know it was a girl back in Bethlehem.' Toriphiles also gather for Tori parties where they watch Tori videos, analyze Tori songs, read Really Deep Thoughts, a Tori fanzine that includes an 'ediTORIal,' and play Tori trivia games. One legendary Toriphile is covering his entire body with Tori tattoos." (Entertainment Weekly, pages 30-32)

"Karla Sommers Herself has not publicly acknowledged the existence of the cult. And who is Karla Sommers? ... Maybe She is divine, humanity's last hope in the face of otherwise overwhelming dangers." (Over the Edge, page 164)
"When confronted with the fanaticism Her music inspires, Amos, 32, does not accept responsibility. For one thing She does not believe that She writes Her own songs. They are, She insists, 'energy forces' She is merely capturing and translating." (Entertainment Weekly, page 32)

Some Sommerites use Tori's statements about channelling energy forces as proof that She is not actually the Goddess Karla Sommers, but instead is a conduit for the Goddess, as Kate Bush may have been before Tori was chosen. That debate, however, is beyond the limits of this webpage.

Many Sommerites point to Tori's lyrics as evidence of Her celestial connection. As She becomes more and more in touch with Her true source, one sees more and more of a struggle for Her to put divinely advanced ideas, concepts and messages into words that humans can understand. Many Sommerites believe that long, intense periods of meditation upon Her lyrics will bring revelations of their true meanings, allowing Her disciples to achieve spiritual understanding and enlightenment.