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All of the Above #31, May 1997


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Brett Slocum
Minneapolis MN

Appetizer You may have noticed the new look of the 'zine. I decided to try out a trial version of Microsoft Publisher 97. They sent me the CD-ROM for free. It's the full version with a 60-day time bomb in it. Check out their web site if interested. I have been so busy of late, that I got caught by surprise by Robert's email 10-day warning. I had a hard drive glitch in March just after getting the last issue out, and just before taking vacation in Colorado for skiing . It took three weeks to recover (my Windows 95 CD-ROM had a scratch on it and it took time to borrow one from a friend), but I only lost minor stuff. Nothing irreplaceable, except for bootleg software, which is probably for the better anyway. I took a trip to St. Louis in April to help initiate a new member of Blue Star, the Wiccan tradition of which I am a member. I also started work at a new client (Cargill) two weeks ago developing C++ software. They are just five minutes from my apartment, so I'm very happy about the drive time. Since I am the only object-oriented programmer on the project, I'm doing all the design and coding myself. I love it. Next Thursday I fly to St. Louis to help my girlfriend drive a moving truck up here to Minneapolis. She's going to live with me until she finds an apartment of her own. Woo hoo! So as you can see, I've had a full plate lately. In light of these events, this delivery is material I could quick put together: an Alternate Earth plus notes and a couple characters from my Lorimyr campaign, and some more Tékumel beasts and characters. I hope you enjoy them.

Alternate Earths Divine Wind: In 1587, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, the son of a woodcutter, unified Japan for the first time in over a hundred years. His next project was the invasion of Ming China. But first he had to get through Korea. The Korean king refused to let them cross through his country peaceably. In 1592, Hideyoshi's troops invaded Korea and in six months had captured Seoul and P'yong-yang, and had briefly stepped foot in Manchuria six months after that. But pressure from Chinese troops and a weak naval campaign forced them to retreat to the southern region of the country by the end of 1593. After four years of peace negotiations and another doomed invasion in 1597, the Japanese retreated to home soil. In this Quantum 5 timeline, enough Japanese gold and displays of superior military technology convinced the Korean king to grant the Samurai free passage (and much needed supplies) through his kingdom to the Manchurian border. Also, Tokugawa Ieyasu, one of Hideyoshi's main generals and later Shogun on our Earth, realized the need for better naval strategy and was aided by a shipwrecked English navigator, Will Adams, who arrived nine years earlier than in Homeline. (This historical event was novelized in Shogun by James Clavell.) With long swords, muskets and cannon against Chinese short swords and cannon, as well as a better navy and Korean complicity, Hideyoshi conquered Manchuria in two years and died a year later outside the gates of Beijing. His five generals took Beijing and invested Hideyoshi's five-year old son as the new Emperor of China under their regency. In a reflection of our Earth, one general, Tokugawa Ieyasu, played the other generals off each other until he grabbed power two years later and had the Emperor pronounce him Shogun. With the military genius of Tokugawa as the real power of the throne, the Japanese subjugated all of China by 1603. The current year of this timeline is 1865 and the Tech Level is 5. The problems of administering a country as huge as China have kept the Tokugawa Shogunate busy, though they did have time to conquer Southeast Asia to the tip of the Malay Peninsula, and break European trading monopolies. Japanese trading vessels range as far as Africa. European/American history has remained mostly the same as our timeline, though British hegemony of the Far East was spoiled by the presence of a militarily-adept Japanese-Chinese naval power. They hold India, but no further east.

Tékumel Bestiary

Cholókh (Flying Octopoid Creature)

ST: 8-10 Move/Dodge: 15/7# Size: 2
DX: 13 PD/DR: 4/5 Weight:60-80 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: bite, 1d+1 cut
HT: 12/16-20 Reach: C# Habitats: M

These six-legged, grayish brown flying creatures have a thick armored carapace, large shimmering wings, and powerful jaws. They can use their eight tentacles to throw rocks (1d-1 cr), attacking from 3-20 yards, if disturbed. If they hit with their missiles, then they close. Cholókh never check morale. They have Move 2 on the ground. Tentacles can grapple or wield rocks (1d cr.). Usually found alone, but groups of up to ten Cholókh have been seen.

image of cholokh


Ru'ún (Demon of Bronze)

ST: 25 Move/Dodge: 8/7 Size: 1
DX: 14 PD/DR: 24/6 Weight:500 lbs.
IQ: 8 Damage: 4d cut
HT: 16/40-60 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: Sub

These seven foot tall automatons were created as treasure and nexus guardians. They are highly intelligent. Their metal bodies are covered with a mesh of wires that can deliver a hefty electric shock. Make a HT roll or take 3 hits (armor doesn't protect) and be stunned for 1d x 5 seconds. If the HT roll is made, the target is stunned for 1d seconds. They usually carry a steel sword, often enchanted with Accuracy and/or Puissance, and a bolt caster, though more powerful weaponry has been rumored (pistol, laser, or blaster are possible). They See Invisible, cannot be surprised, and have Acute Hearing/+5. Bolt caster (crossbow mechanism) does 2d impaling, RoF = 1/2 (pistol: 2d-1 crushing, RoF = 3~; laser: 1d impaling, RoF = 4*, blaster: 4d, RoF = 3~).

image of ru'un



Sagún (Fungus)

ST: 18-25 Move/Dodge: 5/6 Size: 1
DX: 12 PD/DR: 3/4 Weight:300 lbs.
IQ: 4 Damage: 2d cut
HT: 17/25-50 Reach: C, 1 Habitats: Sub

This animate fungus was created as a guardian of the underworld. They are eight feet tall, pale-blue and leafy with wooden claws, and slow-moving. They can emit deadly spores in a radius of 2 yards which germinate inside the victim's lungs: treat as Venom type X: successful HT roll and either a Cure Disease spell or the Eye of Healing applied within 2 minutes or death occurs. These creatures are found in small groups of three or fewer. They can emit spores twice a day.




Tékumel Characters

Hlígar hiSsátu

6th Circle Scholar-priest of Vimúhla, 195 points
4'11", 165 lbs., Age: 43, short brown hair, brown eyes, beard
Clan: Golden Bough (Very High status)

ST: 11, DX: 11, IQ: 15, HT: 11

Speed: 5.5, Move: 3
Thrust: 1d-1, Swing: 1d+1

Dodge: 3, Parry: 4

Advantages: Magery 2, Status/3 (VH clan), Language Talent +2, Filthy Rich, Clerical Investment/2, Literacy

Disadvantages: Honesty, Absent-mindedness, Acrophobia, Fat (+50%)

Quirks: pick five

Skills (* = +2 Language Talent, § = +1 Linguistics): Astronomy(TL 3)/13, Linguistics/16*, Occultism/13, History (Engsvanyáli)/16, Research/15, Calligraphy/11, Short Sword/9, Tsolyáni*§/18, Livyáni*§/17, Mu'ugalavyáni*§/16, Bednálljan Salarvyáni*§/16, Engsvanyáli*§/18, Milumanayáni*§/16, Yán Koryáni*§/16

Spells (all at level 15): Ignite Fire, Shape Fire, Create Fire, Fireball, Hide Thoughts, Sense Foes, Sense Emotion, Mind-Reading, Mind-Sending, Telepathy, Dispel Magic, Counterspell, Ward, Wall of Fire, Haste, Great Haste, Lend ST, Lend HT, Restore ST, Minor Healing, Major Healing

Quote: "Now there's an interesting passage."

Equipment: chlén-hide short sword, upper-class wardrobe, compass (at temple), astrolabe (at temple), Abominable Eye of Detestation (40 charges), stun pistol, Amulet of Perceiving the Scintillation of Metals, Amulet against the Iniquitous Nshé, scroll of Revivification, scroll of all animal Control spells, personal wealth: 31,000 K ($124,000)

History: Hlígar was born in Khirgár, a city on the northern border with Yán Kór. Because of Tsolyánu's clan structure, he has three fathers and ten mothers. The father's brothers are considered fathers, and the mother's sisters are considered mothers. His brilliance was quickly identified, and his knack for languages drew much attention and he has become a leading Engsvanyáli scholar. Hlígar has worked on several research projects involving material brought back from the Underworld. He finally got a chance to go on a couple of expeditions. He survived and amassed considerable wealth and some ancient devices. He has contributed handsomely to his clan and temple.


Lorimyr Campaign

Lorimyr started as my Chivalry and Sorcery fantasy game. When I adopted GURPS as my game of choice, I translated most of Lorimyr to GURPS.

Lorimyr is a constructed planet. The god Belkar discovered how to create his own pocket dimension. He created the world from the chaos within that dimension. He built it as a large flat plane, roughly square. He populated it with life forms magically transported from other dimensions. Humans predominate.

My campaign focussed on an area of small continents and numerous islands and archipelagos. At least a dozen different cultures occupy the region with diverse government types. Lots of chances for intrigue and adventuring.

This world has Normal Mana, with scattered pockets of Very High to No Mana. Magic use is fairly common. Most small towns have a mage of some sort, and some hedge mages live in the countryside.

Most of the action occurred in Scavalas and Hysander, a couple of feudal nations on different continents. Some also occurred in the College of Wizards at Braefire on a remote island in the north. Unwin the Warped (Aota #26) and Dan Chalmers (AotA #29) were from this campaign.

Lorimyr Characters

Menelyr of Menlo Park, AKA The Wizard of Menlo Park

Freelance mage, 100 points
6', 155 lb., male, age: 25
Medium length black hair, green eyes, pale complexion
Often seen wearing light green robes, starting to grow a beard, wants it a long 'wizardly' beard

ST: 10

DX: 12

IQ: 14

HT: 8

Thrust: 1d-2, Swing: 1d
Speed: 5, Move: 5
Dodge: 5, Parry: 8

Advantages: Literacy, Magery 3

Disadvantages: Dependent: Apprentice (Bothra, 50 pt., friend, 15-), Honesty, Low-Pain Threshold, Gluttony

Quirks: Always has sniffles and coughs, Wears armor under robes, Loves travel, Complains about rainy weather, Very practical

Quote: "If magic can't do something useful, like cook your dinner, what good is it?"

Skills: Area Knowledge (Scavalas - nation)/13, AK (Tropaz - city)/13, Staff/12, Knife/8, Fast Draw (knife)/11, Cooking/13, Westron (common MA language)/14

Spells (all at level 15, except where noted): Ignite Fire, Create Fire, Sense Foes, Sense Emotions, Truthsayer, Mind-Reading, Hide Thoughts, Shield, Armor, Iron Arm, Lend ST/14, Lend HT/14, Recover ST, Minor Healing, Foolishness, Daze, Sleep, Mass Sleep, Detect Magic, Aura, Mage Sight, Identify Magic, Test Food, Cook, Apportation, Poltergeist, Winged Knife, Itch, Spasm, Pain, Resist Pain, Clumsiness, Fatigue, Curse Missile, Paralyze Limb, Wither Limb, Deathtouch, Scryguard, Magic Resistance, Spell Shield, Counterspell, Ward, Dispel Magic

Equipment: 2 cheap daggers, quarterstaff (enchanted with Staff spell), Powerstone (quirkless 3-point stone worth $550), wardrobe (mostly robe of several colors, preference for greens), shoes, cloth armor (torso, arms, legs), pouch ($155 plus personal basics), in pockets of robe: several colorful hankies, throat candies for sore throats, coughs, etc.

Menelyr was born in a small rural village called Menlo Park, east of the seaport Tropaz, in the nation of Scavalas. His father was a freeman farmer who tilled a small plot of his own land as well as his share of the village common. He was a sickly child, always getting the illnesses that the other children had, but usually taking longer to get well again.

Food was important for this family, and his mother taught him to cook at an early age. His mother died in bearing his younger sister, and Menelyr took up most of the cooking and household chores, since he had difficulty working in the fields. The family taught him the value of good food, honest work, and practicality.

When Menelyr was of age, his father took him to Tropaz for the Choosing of Apprentices. (By now, his sister could help his father around the house.) Because of his health, most master craftsmen passed him over. But when the wizards came, they immediately saw his potential and chose him as an apprentice. His first master was one Anaxagoras Archmage, whom Menelyr now occasionally visits for tea and conversation.

The family bonds were made strong by adversity, and

Menelyr still sends money to his father and sister. The tastes of the city, though, have enchanted him, and he stays in an apartment near the Tropaz Wizard's Guild, often indulging to excess in food and wine. If Menelyr gets enough cash together, he wants to buy a larger powerstone — maybe 10 points.

Bothra Bandermatch

Apprentice mage, 50 points

5'8", 130 lbs., female, age: 17
Long blonde hair, blue eyes, normal complexion

ST: 10
DX: 11
IQ: 13
HT: 9

Speed: 5, Move: 5
Thrust: 1d-2, Swing: 1d
Dodge: 5, Parry: 5

Advantages: Magery 3, Literacy

Disadvantages: Struggling, Unluckiness, Gullibility, Impulsive

Quirks: Naive, Religious (Aurora), Likes crawly things (spiders, snakes, frogs), constantly sharpens knives when idle, Hates 'gross' people

Skills: Knife/10, First Aid/12

Spells (all at level 14, except where noted): Lend ST, Restore ST/15, Simple Illusion, Complex Illusion, Illusion Disguise, Seek Earth, Shape Earth, Sound, Silence, Light, Magelock, Detect Magic, Apportation, Lockmaster, Ward, Counterspell

Equipment: Large knife, wardrobe (robes - prefers white), cloth armor (torso, arms, legs), shoes, pouch (containing first aid kit, personal basics, whetstone), pouch ($240), pet snake Charley

Quote: "Would you like to pet Charley?"

Bothra is the daughter of a priestess of Aurora in the temple in Tropaz. She grew up in the temple, but found temple life to be boring. She was one of the star students of the Mage's Guild in Tropaz. Growing up in the temple, and then moving to the Guildhall, Bothra has always been sheltered from the "real" world outside. After working with another mage as apprentice, her master died in a wagon accident. Menelyr took her on as apprentice because he felt sorry for her, and he thought she was cute. She has been Menelyr's apprentice for about two months.


Fan Mail From Some Flounder

General: Yips! A Gargoyles Theme Issue!

Dan Smith: Mr. Miracle is one of my favorite comics. At the time it came out, I thought the Darkseid/Jack Kirby changes to the Superman universe were a refreshing change to a stale line. I still have issues 1, 2 and 7. How many total issues were in the series?

Thad Blachette: Yet again you prove why you are among us. Your issues have been outstanding. The second character version of myself (the well-armed one) was one created for a modern fantasy campaign where werewolves, vampires, magic and such suddenly came into being again. I don't own any guns, personally. The first character was a more accurate depiction of the real me. Oz II - I believe there was aluminum or silver in Buddy Ebsen's makeup.

Arthur Shipkowski: I'll do something on Tsolyáni naming next time around. I ROFL about your GURPS Greeks.

Scott Maykrantz: Your child rules are terrific for a very neglected area of GURPS characters. You always have such interesting characters.

Tom Cron: Another Alternate Earths fan! Woo hoo! I especially liked the Anglo-Swedish Empire; very well-thought out.

Michael David, Jr.: I've seen the ads for the TV version of La Femme Nikita. RAEBNC Thug Equipment.

Bill Collins: The Mistress of the Empire trilogy by Raymond Feist and Janny Wurts, as well as the Magician series by Feist had elements in it that he drew from a D&D/EPT crossover campaign he played in. He asked the GM if he could write stories about it and the GM said OK, but neglected to tell him that it was based on copyrighted material. M.A.R. Barker was really pissed off, but did nothing to protect his copyright. The Underworld is a general term for the catacombs, abandoned basements, etc. beneath cities and ruins on tekumel. A tradition of massive urban renewal every 500 to 1500 years causes sub-basements and such to be filled in. Since many ancient religious shrines are in these areas, many temples dig tunnels and clear corridors to them. If you go deep enough, you can find the ancient metal corridors from before the Time of Darkness. Archeology is acceptable, though rudimentary. The Tsolyáni have a good knowledge of past historical eras. Yes, Kybor is a Thieves' World character.