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Changes to the whole site:

1 Oct 2006
I've completely revamped the entire site using Cascading Style Sheets, which I had to learn, since many of these pages were written before the CSS standard was written. It was a monumental effort, but not only are the pages using CSS, but the layout of the site is contained in include files, so changes to the look should be MUCH easier in the future.
3 Jul 2006
I'm converting all the BlinkPro links over to LinkaGoGo, because they are 90% cheaper ($5/year vs. $50/year) and provide the same functionality. There is also a free version.
28 Jun 2006
I added the little icon that shows in browsers next to link to weirdrealm.com, such as button on the toolbar and in the URL area. favicon.ico is the file name you create, and you have 16x16 pixels to work with.
3 Jan 2005
I changed servers again. This one is extremely reliable and FREE: swifthost.net.
29 Jan 2003
I've updated all the Games pages that had links to my big RPG Link list. They now have their own BlinkPro.com list of links on the main page for the game. So, the Chivalry and Sorcery page has its own list of links.

Also, I went through getting a few pages validated as HTML 4.01 compliant. An image on the main page proclaims this. It was a tedious task, and I don't think it was worth it. I may do one pass after updating the DOCTYPE at the top of each page.

23 Dec 2002
Added new section: Weird TV. Book and movie reviews are now 2-column.
19 Dec 2002
I've moved host servers again. The last one was unreliable with downtime of several days with no communication. The new one is little more expensive, but seems very stable.

I've added new Top Level sections: Weird Conspiracies, High Weirdness, and Alternate History. Added new Weird Games level sections: Fudge and Over the Edge. The GURPS Campaign Generator is now working. The Tékumel FAQ has been updated for the first time in 2 years.

30 Sep 2002
Added new section: Weird Government.
07 Sep 2002
Moved the site to its own domain -- www.weirdrealm.com.
17 Sep 2001
New movie and book reviews. Uncle Enzo's Cosa Nostra Pizza#14 and #15 were added.
19 Mar 2001
The GURPS Articles page was converted over to use Blink.com links.
05 Mar 2001
Tékumel pages: Revamped the The Splendid Disc of Advancing to Glory page to use Blink.com. Links are now managed at Blink.com. Changes automatically appear here.
Much of the downloadable content was moved offsite to avoid disk space charges. These files now reside at the Tékumel Mailing List site: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tekumel/.
04 Dec 2000
Tékumel pages: Added several links to the The Splendid Disc of Advancing to Glory page.
20 Nov 2000
Tékumel pages: A new version of the Tékumel FAQ is available.
29 Oct 2000
Tékumel pages: Completely revamped Imperial Dispatches, and redirected Chat and Calendar links to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tekumel/ - the originals didn't work very well.
GURPS pages: The GURPS Campaign Generator 2.0 has been implemented. The campaigns are now stored in a flat-file database, not on the display page. Also, the look-and-feel is much improved, and search capabilities implemented. Many thanks to Extropia for their fabulous WebWare scripts.
10 Oct 2000
GURPS pages: The background of the GURPS pages was changed to make printing easier. The GURPS logos were changed to the standard logo from the SJG site. It looks better on a light background.
03 Oct 2000
Tékumel pages: Added new Tékumel conversions to Other Rules, including a D&D 3rd Edition conversion.
29 Feb 2000
Tékumel pages: A new Tékumel Mailing List has been created for discussing all things Tékumelani. Sign up on the main Tékumel page. The listbot.com one-way mailing list is being phased out.

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