The Wedding Photographer

A friend recently worked with a professional wedding photographer who swapped wedding disaster stories with him...

Last year, he took pictures at a wedding reception that was held at a popular Bay Area hotel. The guests arrived, enjoyed a series of toasts, and a fine meal.

It was now time for the Bride and Groom's First Dance. Since the Bride was not in the banquet room, an informal search party was quickly organized by a number of people who casually began looking for her in other areas. The Groom's mother (who did not like Bride very much) went into the hotel's parking lot, noticed that one parked car was "shaking noticeably", and looked inside. Sure enough, there in the back seat was the Bride and the Best Man (who was an ex-boyfriend)!

The mother immediately headed back to the reception room and spoke first with the... photographer! Together, they went outside, a quick series of pix were taken, and they returned to the room to inform her son, the Groom. According to the photographer, within two minutes the room was deathly quiet. Stunned, the Groom left a few minutes later without speaking to his "wife".

Fast forward two weeks. The photographer received a phone call from a lawyer representing the Groom. The lawyer wanted all of the pictures that were taken at the wedding ceremony, reception, and in the parking lot. Not wanting to lose the money that he had invested, the photographer instead forwarded the prints to the Bride's address on the contract to fulfill his written agreement, and asked that they be forwarded to the Groom's attorney. One week later, the lawyer called again, and the photographer this time sent a second series of prints to the lawyer's office.

The marriage came to a speedy conclusion.

P.S. The Bride and Groom's First Dance song (that was never played) was scheduled to have been the Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Loving Feeling"!