GURPS Vehicle Designs

Here is a fun little vehicle I designed. I haven't updated it for GURPS Vehicles 2nd Ed. (anybody want to do it?).

Mechanical Horse, TL 10

This is a high-tech vehicle for agents visiting low-tech worlds. It is in the shape of a horse. An optional biomorphic shell lets it pass as a normal horse, while the metal / bioplastic exterior could be perceived as a magical construct. It is based loosely on the warlock's horse in The Warlock In Spite of Himself (et al.) by Christopher Stasheff.

Structure: 16 cf heavy standard hull, max load 960 lbs., structural HT 80, legged motive system, four legs (HT 20 per leg). 
Propulsion: TL 10 four-legged drivetrain with 15 KW motive power. 
Power: TL 10 small fusion plant with 15 KW output, innate fuel lasts 20 years. Rechargeable power cell with 10 KWH capacity. 
Accommodations: One external seat, saddle-shaped. 
Crew Requirements: Driver. 
Accessories: TL 10 tactical radio with 5000 mile range (for contact with mother ship), mini-ladar, short range multiscanner, mini-ALLTV, sound detector, laser rangefinder, basic IR cloaking, basic sound baffling, Concealed Weapons: TL 10 Hand Stunner, TL 10 Heavy Blaster, TL 10 microframe (complexity 6, Sentient), programs, including, but not limited to, Autonomous Operation, Computer Navigation, Database (5 gigs of planetary data), Datalink, Melee, Routine Operation, Targeting (complexity 1, +4), Sensor Operation (complexity 2, skill 15), Gunner (skill 14), Tactical Vehicle Operation, and Personality Simulation (complexity 6). The weapons are not vehicular weapons. 
Cargo: hidden compartment (2 cf, 120 lbs.), saddlebags, capacity 100 lbs. 
Armor: 60 points of bioplastic armor. Heavy hull. F4/20, B4/20, R4/20, L4/20, T4/20, U4/20. Armor does not protect rider. 
Options: TL 10 semi-bioplastic shell adds $4,000 and 20 lbs. 
Statistics: Cost: $258, 500. Design mass 529 lbs., Loaded mass 960 lbs. (.48 tons), Max. Payload: 431 lbs., Max Cargo: 120 lbs., Current Payload: 250 lbs.. Size modifier 0, radar signature 0, IR signature -5, acoustic signature -5. 
Ground Performance: Top speed 48 MPH, acceleration 4.5 MPH/s, deceleration 25 MPH/s, MR 1.5, SR 4.