Lorimyr Magic Items

Magical Focus (Mental/Hard)
This spell creates a device giving spell level and fatigue cost bonuses to spells of the mage's specialization cast through it. All other spells are unaffected. A Focus is personal to its creator, and it cannot be used by another mage. It must be in a form appropriate to the mage's magic specialization.
Cost: 500 for a +1 spell level or -1 fatigue cost, 1000 for +1 spell level and -1 fatigue cost, 2000 for either +2 spell level and -1 fatigue or +1 spell level and -2 fatigue, 4000 for +2 spell level and -2 fatigue. No further improvement is possible. Energy may be added gradually as for weapon enchantments.

This spell is adapted from Michael Cule's GURPS Harn article in RP26/23.

Talisman (Mental/Hard)
Once a day, this magic item, usually in the shape of a necklace, makes one dose of a specific alchemical elixir when dipped in water. It makes two doses, if dipped in wine. This spell is only known to jewelsmith artificers.
Cost: $2,000 plus 10 times the cost of the desired elixir. Time required: 10 times the time required to make the desired potion.