Imperial Dispatches

"Know ye, O Living Icon of the Gods Made Manifest, ..."
"Know ye, O Illuminated Omniscience of Sublime Knowing, ..."

Thus have many reports made to the Emperor of the Petal Throne in Tsolyanu begun. Here are recorded the experiences of the intrepid citizens of the empire for all posterity.

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Imperial Dispatches
Name George Hammond
Imperial Dispatch There are two online Tékumel games being hosted at The Emerald Sphere of Sighs game is run by Kevin Fisher, and the Clan of Radiant Dark game was started by Scott Maxwell and I think is now being run by Jim Boulder. We like the site, but unfortunately the web master is currently not able to run the site actively.

Name Mark Daniels
Location Oxford/Reading, United Kingdom
Imperial Dispatch I wish to run/play in a campaign. I have several years of experience - but no players! Email me or call me on (mobile) 07957 140936 if you'd care to join!

Name Bálash hiTlékolmü of the Sword of Fire clan
Location Khirgár, Tsolyánu
Imperial Dispatch Ngangmúru! I am a 13th Circle lay-priest of Lord Chiténg and a heréksa in the Shátsur of the Legion of the Storm of Fire (21st Imperial Medium Infantry). Under our most noble and puissant general Kárin Míssum, we have campaigned against the Yán Koryáni and then against the forces of Dhich'uné the Usurper, may his beloved Worm Lord eat his stinking guts. Now with the God-Emperor Mirusíya at the Petal Throne, I see the dawn of a Golden Age for our mighty Imperium. Oh yes, and mark my words, we will retake the Chákas.

Name Bashán hiMéktesh
Location Béy Sü, Tsolyánu
Imperial Dispatch I, Bashán hiMektésh, elder of the Black Stone clan and Lord Adept of the Temple of the great, magnificent and ever-living Lord Ksárul, am admired by what Peter Gifford called "the Tékumel resurgence on the Internet." Kudos to all of you guys.

Name Gustavo Iglesias
Location Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil
Imperial Dispatch I first read about Tékumel in an old SHADIS magazine, and one day I stumbled across I was instantly enamored! It's simply impossible to find Tékumel books here, and I became a major fan of the setting without ever reading a single book. If anyone can tell me where can I find Tékumel books in Atlanta (I may be travelling to there in mid-2000), I'd be really grateful. Peace.

Name Robert Frankovich
Location Sacramento, CA USA
Imperial Dispatch Hi, I've been a fan of Tékumel for years, own the original EPT (and those gorgeous maps), two of the SG sourcebooks, both the novels and have never gotten to play! Is there a campaign in the Northern Cal area? Even the 'net will do. Thanks

Name James Maliszewski
Location Toronto ON, Canada
Imperial Dispatch I run an irregular campaign based around the younger members of the medium-ranked Golden Dawn clan of Khirgár. The campaign is based around inter-clan and political intrigue during the war with Yán Kór, with a healthy dose of ancient sorcery and magical technology to keep things interesting. New players are always welcome.

Name Kisa Drew
Location Redmond, WA USA
Imperial Dispatch I am not currently part of a campaign. That is why I am posting here. I have read both novels and used to own a number of the gaming books. Unfortunately I never got to play. If someone in my area has a game that can fit in another player (even just for a short while) or would like to start a game I would be most interested.

Name Scott Maxwell
Location Hayden Lake, ID USA
Imperial Dispatch I'm interested in a face to face game with anyone in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and Spokane, Washington areas. I'm currently running a game on RPGHost ( but would love to start or join an actual face-to-face game.

Name Brett Slocum
Location Minneapolis, MN USA
Imperial Dispatch I'm playing in a PB-Web campaign at Check it out.

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